care tips

ensuring the longevity of your le gramme jewelry

when your le gramme jewelry is maintained, it develops a natural patina over time, resulting from interaction with your skin and atmospheric conditions. the care with which you maintain your accessory will allow you to keep it for a long time:

  • absolutely avoid prolonged contact with chlorinated pool water, salty sea water, and corrosive household products, as they can alter the shine of your jewelry.
  • avoid storing your jewelry in humid environments such as the bathroom, where humidity can accelerate the oxidation process.
  • remember that regular wear of your piece contributes to its maintenance, limiting the risk of oxidation through natural cleaning by contact with the skin.



to maintain its original shine, follow these simple maintenance steps:

  • use a chamois cloth specially designed for precious metals, impregnated with a recommended mild product.
  • carefully apply clay stone on a sponge or cloth, then clean thoroughly. after a thorough rinse, dry gently. in addition, using a special silver/gold cleaning product can be beneficial.
  • if you are looking for optimal results, entrust us with your object for complete polishing/brushing in our workshops.


if you encounter a problem with your jewelry, contact customer service by email at or via the "help" button at the bottom of the screen. we will process your request as quickly as possible.